Who can apply ?


May be beneficiaries of the assistance offered by Artemisia:

  • non-profit civil society organisations, namely legal persons carrying out a collective action, based in Europe and involved in environmental protection or safeguard of Human rights;
  • exceptionally, organisations based outside Europe and private individuals, representing a similar cause.

The actions carried out by individuals or legal beneficiaries must be selfless, meaning devoid of personal interest, whether patrimonial or not.


They must also represent key issues for Society and/or the protection of the Environment. However, actions, even localized, which would have very practical implications on remarkable or particularly fragile environments, will also be supported.


Finally, they must have sufficient prospects of success and have ultimately a real and measurable impact on society, some of its components or representatives.

However, Artemisia also intends, under exceptional circumstances, to give support to marginal, delicate or risky causes and actors, which deserve to be promoted but would never emerge without support. These "special causes" will be subject to a special review.


Applications for legal assistance are evaluated on the basis of a general Charter, available below:


Eligibility Charter.pdf
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How to apply for a support request ?


To submit an application, please simply contact the association or directly the Law firm by sending an explanatory e-mail or through a phone call.


The request will be diagnosed by the Law firm, possibly after a meeting and some research.


If the request is deemed eligible in light of the criteria set out above, it is presented by the Law firm to the "Evaluation Committee for the eligibility of requests" of Artemisia association.


Evaluation process for applications


The "Committee for the Evaluation of requests", composed of various members of the association and a representative of the Law firm, speedily decide upon the submitted applications. For this, it takes account of the "Charter on eligibility of requests" and the legal analysis transmitted by the Law firm.


In case of emergency...


In an emergency, the Law firm can immediately support the application, by performing the necessary procedures. It shall immediately inform the "Evaluation Committee", and transmit to the "beneficiary" the corresponding reserves in relation to a longer-term support of the case. The eligibility of the case is evaluated by the association in the usual way and if it concludes to a refusal, the Law firm informs the "beneficiary" and possibly breaks free from the file, respecting the ethic rules applicable in that case.


Signing of a tripartite agreement


At the end of the evaluation process, requests accepted by the association and by the Law firm are taken care of by the latter and lead to a tripartite agreement established between Artemisia association, the Law firm and the beneficiary.



Upon takeover of the application, the "beneficiary" is requested to pay to the Law firm a symbolic flat fee whose amount is set by the tripartite agreement. Beyond this flat fee, the Law firm wage, which will be indicatively evaluated, will be supported by the association. Therefore the "beneficiary" expressly gives mandate to the association for the payment of the remuneration of the Law firm, under the tripartite agreement.


The irrecoverable expenses possibly obtained at the end of a legal proceeding shall be kept by the Law firm. Similarly, a success-based fee can possibly be agreed with the "beneficiary" and recorded in the tripartite agreement.



Nota Bene : The lawyers of the Law firm Artemisia perform their work under the ethic rules governing their profession. In particular, the takeover of cases according to procedures presented above shall not lead to the violation of professional secrecy. Similarly, the Law firm always retains the option to refuse or to break free from a case that was approved or transmitted by the association.