Promoting access to law, justice and policy makers

Artemisia is an association dedicated to providing free legal support to civil society organizations engaged in the protection of the environment and the safeguard of Human rights.

This is possible thanks to a partnership with the Artemisia Law firm, led by Mrs Blanche Magarinos-Rey, Attorney at the Paris Bar. The Artemisia Law firm provides for legal advice, assistance and representation in justice, as well as a legislative drafting service towards public institutions and policy makers.


Hence, Artemisia makes Law and its professionals concretely accessible to civil society, so that the effectiveness of its actors' campaigns can be greatly improved and pushed forward.


In addition, Artemisia is also entitled to promote its own campaigns, especially when initiatives arising from civil society do not exist or are few in numbers.

Thus from its start, Artemisia has positioned itself as an actor for the protection and promotion of agricultural biodiversity, with a legislative drafting effort in particular.

Diversity of maize and bean seeds
Diversity of maize and bean seeds

Why is it needed ?

Organisations dedicated to the protection of the environment or the safeguard of Human rights, although numerous and dynamic, have scarce access to Law and Justice because of limited means. They are, however, mostly led by persons who have no personal interest of their engagement; they drive public debate in a pioneering way and have often been the instigators of the most progressive and innovative developments. They largely serve the public interest. Yet they don’t always receive the recognition and support they deserve, and even see their resources - from public origin notably – become scarcer.

Our focus areas

Artemisia provides legal support in the following areas:

  • protection of the environment and the health, in the broad sense
  • fundamental Human rights
  • defense of Democracy and its values

Who can apply ?

May be beneficiaries of the assistance offered by Artemisia:

  • non-profit civil society organizations, meaning legal persons with a collective action, based in Europe;
  • exceptionally, organizations based outside Europe and private individuals.

Actions carried out by individuals or legal beneficiaries must be selfless, meaning devoid of personal interest, whether patrimonial or not.


For further information, please refer to the "Apply for assistance" section. 


How to apply ?

Requests may be addressed to the association or directly to the Law firm.


They are analyzed by the law firm and then evaluated by an 'evaluation committee' for a financial support by the association. The evaluation committee takes a decision following a swift procedure.


Selected applications are then taken up by the Law firm, after signing a 'tripartite agreement'.


All instructions can be found here.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Martin Luther King