About the association

Formally, Artemisia is an international non-profit association, established in accordance with the Belgian Law of 27 June 1921 on non-profit associations and foundations. Its legal status was recognized by Royal Decree on 2 December 2015.


Fundamentally, Artemisia is driven by a vision, missions and values.


Our vision

Essentially, we aspire to a world where the rule of Law, its institutions, its actors and its different legislations combine their efforts for the purpose of protecting Life, in all its forms.

In this ideal legal environment, human societies will be free and conscious and will have found harmony and balance with all living beings, thanks notably to an enhanced sensitivity for Beauty.

Our missions

Artemisia's mission is to ensure the preservation of Health, in a broad sense, of human societies and the Earth, in a spirit of confidence in the Human race and Democracy. Thus, the association voluntarily stands at the service of a free, inclusive and sustainable society by delivering services based on excellence and great strength of conviction.


Concretely, Artemisia supports the dynamism of civil society by providing the services of an outstanding Law firm, composed of competent and committed lawyers, who come in support of the disinterested and progressive actions of non-governmental organisations.

However, in case of absence of such initiative in civil society, Artemisia reserves the possibility to carry out itself environmental or human rights campaigns.


Our values

In its actions, Artemisia association is committed to :

  • provide a service of excellence, based on competence, conviction and innovative solutions;
  • support actions in a spirit of respect, kindness, empathy and fairness;
  • work for a free, transparent, responsible, and creative society;
  • build a community of people driven by loyalty and feeling satisfaction and enthusiasm to work together for the Common Good.









Participatory Governance

For its decision-making and its internal management, Artemisia has chosen the 'agile and participatory governance', according to the rules of sociocracy and collective intelligence.  

« ARTEMISIA » makes reference to the goddess of the Greek pantheon "Artemis", belatedly identified as a deity of the hunt, but belonging primarily to Nature and wilderness. Her "golden bow", stretched by an arrow, is a symbol for Life, Consciousness and Justice. It is why Artemis is also called "Trivia" in latin, namely "the one who enlightens the path at the crossroads of Life”.


« ARTEMISIA » is also a botanical kind, made up of a large number of species, among which mugwort or absinthe. Artemisia is a sacred plant, considered by certain indigenous peoples as possessing all virtues and used to clear bad spirits and dispel negative energies. At the same time it is a very common plant that grows along roadsides, accessible to all.